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Partnering with Parents & Teachers for a Better GCISD.

Our School Board Should Be Transparent, Accessible and Fiscally Responsible

It's Time Get GCISD Back to an Elite Academic District.

"I’m going to put parents back in charge of our schools, and we’re going to get back to teaching our kids how to think, and not what to think.

"As a long-time area resident, city leader and parent of two GCISD graduates it’s been hard to watch GCISD’s reputation  damaged by prioritizing social justice activism and liberal Austin lobbyists and unions over our own students, parents and our teachers. I will rid the district of this outside political influence, and we will get back to prioritizing academics while allowing parents far more influence over everything from covid policies, curriculum and staffing."

As a GCISD Trustee, I pledge to:

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Rid this district of outside political influence and that policies pushed by liberal Austin lobbyists.
Give our students the very best teachers, with better pay to make GCISD more academically competitive.
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Advocate for fiscal transparency and reduce GCISD’s $535 million dollars of debt.
School Kids

Let's restore parental control to the district that twice ignored their own parent surveys on Covid-related policies, has garnered negative national attention for implementing controversial critical race theory curriculum in the district, and continues to promote pornography in district classrooms and libraries despite objections from parents.

Experience Matters.

As a councilwoman, Ms. Nakamura delivered property tax cuts while improving service levels and reducing the city’s debt to almost zero using a zero-based budgeting model.

Nakamura will tackle GCISD’s astounding $535 millions dollars of debt while reducing property taxes.

At the same time, she will provide GCISD teachers who are some of the lowest paid in the area with pay increases to make the district more academically competitive.

Our kids deserve the very best teachers, and that’s what they’re going to get. We’re going to get GCISD back to being an elite academic district in Texas by re-focusing our budgets back where they belong - in our classrooms."
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